Welcome to my online journal.

My name is Uju. I started this page at the end of 2017

Professionally, I am a research scientist (Ph.D. in Cell Biology with a focus in hematology and oncology)

My primary life interest has always been to help others which was why I almost completed a Medical Degree, but now I am more focused on making a lasting difference in the world. A difference that impacts generations and leaves a legacy that reflects the goodness and faithfulness of my God.

My intentions for these pages is to reflect on the lessons I am learning about God and who I am in Jesus Christ as the years progress.

My first pregnancy and the birth of my daughter kickstarted an awakening of self and a realization that I had not been truly connected to myself. As traumatic as that experience was, it brought me to my knees and led me to Jesus. Growing up in a religious home, I have always known God, but I never quite understood Jesus or acknowledged the price He paid for my sins or even understood He had already done that – paid the price. And the Holy Spirit, gosh, I was completely lost about His purpose.

In these pages I get to be unveiled bit by bit until the full Glory of my Holy Powerful Mighty Faithful Unwavering God and Father is revealed in me through my relationship with Jesus and His Holy Spirit in me. ❤️

I am grateful for all of my life experiences thus far, painful and/or pleasurable, that contribute to the woman I am growing into. It is in the fire that we are refined 🔥.

Every day I focus on being & sharing God’s light with those around me.

Always remember, even when you do not get it right, tomorrow is another day to try again.  💖

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