Welcome to my online journal.

My name is Uju. I started this page at the end of 2017

My intentions for these pages is to write notes to my younger self, about all the lessons that I am learning as the years progress.

Professionally, I am a scientist (Ph.D.)

My primary life interest is to make a lasting difference in the world

My first pregnancy and the birth of my daughter kickstarted an awakening of self and a realization that I had not been truly connected to myself. Somehow I had gotten used to moving with the flow of my life. Everything was becoming mechanical – “same old.”

I am grateful for all of my life experiences thus far, painful and/or pleasurable, that contribute to the woman I am growing into.

My daily focus is to become & to share God’s light with those around me. Always remember, even when you do not get it right, tomorrow is another day to try again.  💖