Dear Uju

Walking in His Identity


“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up”

Galatians 6:9


Many times we want to do something to help, but feel limited by our present situation or even intimidated by what others will think of us. In June 2019 I felt that God was calling me to step out of my comfort and my excuses and do better to steward all the resources that He had put into my care.

God has been teaching me to fix my eyes on Jesus, and always make sure He is the motive and motivation in my heart. May I never get caught up in others opinions of me that I hide from doing the very things HE is calling me to do. Amen!

Thanks to my daily commute between NY and NJ, I was inspired to start reaching out by sharing a snack pack. I’m calling this “Drive-by Giving.” It would bring my heart lots of joy to have others adopt this in some form that works best for them. It always bugs me when I don’t have some change to spare, but I hoped that it would be helpful to someone if I could prep a few packs to share each month.

Apr 2020

In late February or early Mar 2020, I finally summoned the courage in traffic and spoke with one of the men I frequently meet. I asked him if there was anything specifically he needed and he looking surprised said “socks” … wow. I almost cried. All he wanted were socks. I went ahead and got him a new multi-pack of socks and also added a long sleeve shirt to the mix. I looked out for him for a few days and finally saw him. It was so awesome to surprise him with it. ❤️

I pray for him even now wherever he is, that he is safe and protected from the negative consequences of this virus. I cannot imagine how the homeless are possibly dealing with all of this. Mighty God help the less fortunate and all vulnerable people. Please send them people who can help and be of service and desiring to be and make a difference. In Jesus’s Name I pray, Amen.

Jan 2021 

Right before the New Year, I saw him in traffic. I wish words could smile because you would know that I was so happy to see him. We quickly exchanged pleasantries and I was grateful I had some money on me to give to him. I definitely need to find out his name.

As of now, “drive by giving” funds have gone into other causes through my church and also having funds to give whenever I encounter someone in need. We also got to participate in “Dressember” which a Christ sister of mine initiated (That was so lovely).

Drive by giving June 2019

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