Happy New Year!

If you are like majority of people in the world, I am sure you have made a list of your resolutions for 2019.

I pray that you are able to hit all your goals for the New Year. Don’t forget to set all the right mechanisms in place, the right support system, the right mindset… all these come together to help us get through each “To-do” item on our list.

My family and I always pray into the New Year. It’s a family tradition… in reverence, in gratitude, in peace and quiet, and together, we enter into a new chapter in our lives.


I shared this on my IG page yesterday … 

“Grateful that I can say that I learned a lot of things in 2018📍…

It’s truly wonderful to have the opportunity to review my 2018 life and see that with each year end I can testify that I experienced a lot of growth.

🔸This 32 year old me would like to Thank God for seeing myself, family and friends through to another year end.

🔸I would like to thank God for all the people, moments, and experiences that He used to bring knowledge and change.

🔸I am thankful for all the resources.

🔸I am grateful for wisdom.

🔸I am grateful for His light 💖. That I am light. ✨ I will always shine bright. Don’t be afraid to.

🔸I am grateful even for the mistakes and imperfect moments.

🔸I pray that in 2019 like all the years past, I will keep getting better in every aspect of my life. I will manifest all that He has planned for my existence here on earth. I was made to serve God. I pray that I can share God’s goodness with those around me through my lifestyle/actions, my words, my thoughts 🙏🏾.

🔸I know now that I may not always get everything right, but I will always do my very best. I will do better to be kind to myself knowing that tomorrow is another day to try again.”

The growth and transformation of my mind that I experienced in 2018 has been helped by immersing myself into experiences and reading more alternative literature outside of my usual scientific journals. 

I am especially thankful for the 3 amazing books that I read “I’ve been thinking” by Maria Shriver; “What I know for sure” by Oprah Winfrey and “The four agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills. 

Visit my “favorite quotes “ section for some selected quotes from my reads.


My mantra going into 2019:

– I will be impeccable with my words

– I will not take anything personally. What you say and do, that’s about you not me.

– If I care enough about a thing I will express my feelings verbally without first making assumptions

– I will always do my best ✨

– And of course I may not always get it right, but I will be kind to myself and remember tomorrow is another day to try again 


All you people out there sharing your light, knowledge and love with others… Those who care to make the world better each day… May you always find light when you need it✨.

May 2019 bring more understanding, clarity, and growth… May we be more loving, patient, kind, understanding, compassionate and thoughtful in our lives and interactions. ❤️

May we all shine brightly and brighten this world 💖✨.

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