Remember there isn’t one right way to do anything, so find the method that works best for you

Mistakes do happen so be kind to yourself always

Always make time to read and develop your mind

Spend time with people who build you up

Spend time with people who are more knowledgeable than you are

Never “hang your hat” on compliments – good or bad – none should define you

Have and maintain a gratitude mindset

Appreciate even the littlest things

Be happy… It may require conscious effort, but do be intentional about it.

Do not tether your happiness to anyone or anything

Never allow the opinions of others influence your mood

If anyone tells you they have all the answers, trust me that’s their ego talking, they don’t

Be authentically you, but don’t be resistant to change. As long as we live, we should continually grow and evolve into better versions of ourselves

Be brave

Work daily towards becoming the best version of yourself ❤️✨

Don’t settle in any aspect of your life, regardless of the many suggestions/advice people bring

Listen to your gut

Learn balance

Remember life is not about perfection

Appreciate yourself wherever you are on your journey. Be patient with others where ever they are in theirs.

Never compare yourself to anyone

What works for you may not work for the next

Be careful to avoid becoming an oppressor… Be kind… Be fair

Forgive (Even when it’s hard)… But do not be afraid to set clear boundaries

Draw closer to God (Never forget this). He should remain the foundation of your existence.

Never dim your light to to please anyone…❤️

Always do your best in every situation

You are light so shine brightly 💖✨