Some days it’s so tough to find that new inspiration… to draw or write… I truly admire people who write so effortlessly or draw consistently. It’s something I really want to do… Some days I just feel so tired or drained.

Interestingly, this happens to me rarely at work. I feel so much zeal for my research most times, that I could work for hours and not go home. But I also made a mission this year to spend more time with God, myself, my husband and daughter. As well as make time for my siblings and parents. I need to ensure that I always honor the people that love me the most.

I am patiently waiting for the end of winter so that I can be able to get back to running and the spartan races… In the hopes that this will reignite my interest in writing and in drawing. But today I feel like I’m already on my way back… I’ve been spending more time with God like I said I would at the start of this year. On this I have not faltered and I am indeed proud of myself.

I want to burn brightly for God. I want to reflect His Love and goodness in the world I live.

Sunday I had an amazing time in church and since then I’ve felt a reawakening of my interest in getting my inspiration to write and do some artwork. There are days where it’s a real struggle, but I’m taking this fire into this week and praying it stays burning brightly. Aim to share more as the week progresses…

I am learning that every effort counts… little or big. I am no longer afraid to share my light with others.


With Love,