Sometimes life just hits you smack in the face with something negative and unexpected and you really aren’t sure how to deal. I definitely spent a lot of my adult years worrying or crying about one thing or the other. I definitely know crying is a good way to de-stress, so please I wouldn’t ever make it a bad thing. But I am talking about that sad depressing cry that zaps all the energy left in you and leaves you grasping for a lifeline… any.

So when I say I am grateful for the journey I went on in 2019, I mean it with every fiber in my body. I know I can do tough things, I always have. It’s in my DNA. From an early age I was responsible for a lot, including caring for my younger siblings as a 8 year old all by myself. As a research scientist, we are trained for years on patience and resilience, so I know I can endure and overcome impossible situations. But that kind of confidence only gets you so far. It’s the kind that causes you to have a mask to hide the heaviness, while the other helps you keep up appearances of being confident and tough.

My encounter with Jesus Christ in 2019 definitely set me on a different course. I always loved God. I grew up in a Catholic family and even then, I knew He was my Heavenly Father and called him “Papa” in intimate discussions. But I didn’t have a relationship with Him as part of the Trinity. Here I was in January 2019 getting re-dedicated to God through baptism and finally getting to understand that I had access to His Holy Spirit. I learned that my identity is actually rooted in Christ and now I can wrap my mind around what many Christians always speak of… GRACE.

Wow! How awesome is it to have GRACE. Knowing that you are loved and adored, no matter what.

Yes, GRACE cannot be an excuse to live below all that God has laid out for us – but this is definitely a topic for another day.

I ended 2019 with a new life mantra from His Spirit… L.O.V.E

  • Living
  • Out (Of)
  • Victory
  • Everyday

This is a reminder to me each day that no matter what the day brings, I remember His Love for me. I remember that I am to Love my neighbors as myself. I remember that my tough day is not an excuse to make someone else miserable. And most especially I remember that having His Love means that I get to live victoriously daily. How awesome is that!

All I want to do is Praise our Mighty Father. I pray that my life can truly reflect all that He is to me, because He is EVERYTHING.