2020 took an unexpected turn huh…

We have all found ourselves in quarantine. I know this isn’t how we pictured 2020. It can be thoroughly overwhelming to think about this situation in isolation. However in the full context of life I have chosen to try and focus on more of the good. God knows I have wondered for months prior when I could have work life just slow down so I can catch my breath and this has been just that. But I pray for everyone who has lost their jobs in this situation that you don’t lose hope and that our God will continue to provide all your needs in the interim because I do believe that He is able to restore us to far more than we can imagine.

I am so grateful for the breath in my lungs, for my family, for friends, for hope, for peace, for joy, for love, for my church, that I am and I know that I am a child of God and that I have some breathing room from work (yes I said that). I also have more time to spend learning more about what it is to be a follower of Jesus and can continue to grow more fully into that identity. Even in quarantine and physical separation from others He has shown me more of Himself ❤️

We can see God in everything, we only have to look and seek Him. This week He reminded me that it wasn’t all the things I was doing (praying, reading The WORD, worshipping, running, drawing, etc) that was keeping me at peace.

Not at all, it was His Presence. ❤️

Seriously being in quarantine doesn’t exactly mean more time especially with work expectant of continually getting 40hours weekly (that’s not our usual log, it’s usually closer to 60), but with the current situation that’s the adjustments being made 🤗 🥳 woohoo!

My intelligent and beautiful toddler has decided to fight nap time, let’s not talk about having to navigate work hours while meeting her own needs because she misses school time activities and her friends.

Or the simple fact that while I could go hungry for hours, she gotta eat multiple small meals a day … oh gosh 😂.

Plus we had the brilliant idea to finally sleep train her before she turns 4 so we can get our bed back! Let’s just say I have given myself a timeout a few times this past week – not exactly easy to do in quarantine, but you get the point … I tried. Although this Sunday, it finally clicked that I could also go to the car or send her and her dad out for a drive whenever he’s home 🥳 #momwin

Yet I refuse to allow this virus steal my patience or my joy or my faith in the Mighty God I serve 🤗. Grateful for my God, grateful for my family and my friends that we are being filled and built up in the spirit by prayer. Seriously learn to pray if you don’t already do it… I think this is such an essential tool for everyone (new post idea?!?) #Laughingoutloud

😂Oh quarantine life. And yet I really have no complaints because I know all this is nothing compared to what so many people are going through. Prayers for strength and comfort in all the ways that you need it as we wait this out. ❤️

What humbled me the most is the fact that I thought I had all these awesome plans for the year and here I am asking God to get us through each day in a way that I never would have done before because we were always #goinggoing! To think we have all had to drop our agendas and sit still is truly mind blowing to me. Ps Anthony Fleming of Church Alive NJ preached on this in his Contagious series talking about how we should have to drop our own agendas going forward and ask God to give us His instead. I am pretty sure His is much better. #Ujulearn

This is a time to plant some seeds … yes it is! Don’t buy into the hype that you just have to get through each day, yes that’s true. However, don’t waste it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, you are not a victim, I assure you. Choose instead to “flip the script” as Steven Furtick (Elevation church) has said.

Go plant some seeds, but make it good! Make it really good! Because I assure you harvest is coming and you want to be prepared to receive it. #Revival

In closing, let’s all take a step back and try to see and focus instead on the silver lining in all of this. I know it may seem impossible for you. But I assure you there is something to be grateful for. We can definitely all start with saying thank You to God for the air in our lungs. I do believe that when there is life, there definitely is hope. But it’s a choice we probably have to keep making everyday.

Types of seeds I am applying to my world: Focusing on loving others as God loves me (Challenging? Super, but that’s what being a child of God is); praying more boldly and frequently (pray for yourself, your family, future generations; ask God for enlightenment and awakening of your mind, heart and spirit; pray for an obedient heart); reading and meditating on the word of God daily; interceding for others in prayer; filling my mind with inspirational words through books and other resources; tending to old talents like drawing and writing; online courses; teaching my daughter about prayer and being attentive to encourage good traits and discourage bad behaviors (yes when we are too busy we may miss little weeds popping up); reading daily devotionals with my husband ❤️; family time has definitely taken on new meaning; spending time in worship with my family (we never did this before outside of church); being intentional to speak with, reach out to and connect with family and friends; not isolating myself and shutting others out (the temptation to just hideaway is always there, but I am grateful for grace); staying connected to my church family; contributing to the good of others by giving my time and resources; social media distancing – once a week I fast 24hours of social media and placed daily 2hour limits. While I’ve been passionately focused on tearing down all the old idols in my life, I refuse to create anything new either. Nothing but God will be lord over me.

Please don’t forget that even in the midst of all this, you are God’s beloved which means that He will work everything out for your good. Just hold on ❤️