I recently had the opportunity to speak on my experience with imposter syndrome and how I have become an overcomer. Link here

Truly none of this would be possible without Jesus. I am grateful for the love and peace He gives me. The confidence to know that Heaven fights for me in a world where I cannot guarantee anyone’s intentions. And so I choose to keep focusing on living my life to Glorify God and letting Him take care of the rest. And He shows up consistently.

He is the only Source. Only Jesus can save. Only God can turn around all this and so we need to keep our eyes and hearts focused on Him. No matter what. ❤️

No matter how you feel about all that’s happening in our world. We all have to focus on truly being love. It’s far beyond making social media posts and then turning the blind eye when you see something. We cannot change anyone, but we aren’t to be complacent in other people’s bad behaviors either. I believe the changes we need start in each of our hearts and starts in our homes. We each have to look inward and reexamine ourselves – ask God to search our hearts and reveal all the parts that He would like us to deal with.

If you know God, you can ask Him how you can do better than what you are already doing. We all have room for improvement. ❤️

If you don’t know God yet, I encourage you to simply ask Him out loud to show Himself to you and expect to find something out. ❤️

Mighty Father thank You for the opportunity to share part of my story. Thank You Lord that You have it all in Your Hands. Thank You God that You have absolute charge and nothing is beyond You. Father help us to understand that the plans You have for us are good. Teach us to lean into You always. Fill us with Your peace. Let us abound in joy even in a sad time like this one. Like Esther did, Father show us where You need us to step up and be Your Hands and Feet in a hurting world. Lord God forgive us our missteps and help us make the most of this gift of life we have. Father may we not take anything we have for granted. Lord heal our hearts, minds and nations. In Jesus’s Mighty Name, I pray, Amen 🙏🏾

Full of hope and love,