“We need to love how we look because freedom comes when we do.”

Such a powerful quote from “Confident moms, confident daughters,” a devotional by Maria Furlough I was working through in September (available on Youversion bible app).

This past season I felt that God wanted to strip away the mask that I had been carrying where I honestly wasn’t confident about my outward beauty.

I knew I was beautiful, but it hit me this past few weeks that I saw it more internally and didn’t quite acknowledge it externally. Somehow I had been okay with it for so long. It was good to me that I had learned not to care what others thought of me, but yet deep down it was strange I was not truly all the way confident about my external beauty.

Because it was pressing in my heart, I took off my hair extensions and wore my natural hair in its natural state for a few weeks.

The first week was so strange. Some how I was kind of floating and trying to figure out how I felt. I knew everyone around me was also wondering what was up lol cos I looked different, but internally I felt different as well. I knew I was going to have to wear it out that way until I loved the whole of me exactly as I was. Irrespective of people opinions, concerns or lack of compliments. I spent more time than I usually do looking at myself in the mirror and also talking to God about it.

I saw how my vision was being transformed and I started to have more clarity about my beauty. How did I want to see myself? I recognized that if I do not accept myself completely as God has made me, how would I expect my daughter to do the same?

He released and unmasked me in a way that I never knew I needed! No filters, just me.

I am truly grateful to God for His love for me. He takes me deeper and deeper to heights that I don’t even realize I need. I am always in awe of His great and immeasurable love for me.

Wearing my hair naturally without extensions caused me to look and clearly see, recognize and acknowledge my natural beauty. No filters, no additives. I looked into the mirror and believe I could start to see myself as God has always seen me, beautiful, loved, desirable, whole and truly free! This past season confirmed to me that this indeed is my year of freedom! Thank You Lord!

The bible verse that has been on my heart for the past few weeks is in John 8:36 that says “who the Son sets free is free indeed”

I am free and nothing and no one will ever take me back into bondage again! I claim it! I receive it! I live in it! And I declare it over my daughter, my husband, my family and my future generations in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen!

I pray for you even now that You would find the clarity, strength and wisdom you need to step into the next level of freedom that God has for you in this season. I pray that you will no longer be held back, but that all chains and bondages be broken down to the Glory of our King! In the Holy and Magnificent Name of Jesus, Amen ♥️

“…we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved”

Hebrews 10:39